To The West We Go

Photos by @angryjordan

Words by @jermpaquette

Summer at Windells is one of our favorite pastimes. For the past decade Mt. Hood has been a welcoming home for Saga during the summer months. This summer we packed the Saga truck with Tim Durtschi, McRae Williams and Steve Stepp for Saga Week at Windells.

Windells-Saga Session-blog-55


Windells-Saga Session-blog-29

Just over half half way through the drive a rest stop well suited to stretch the legs.

Windells-Saga Session-blog-28

Steve Stepp knows tricks

Windells-Saga Session-blog-30

Tim Durtschi gets the proper angleWindells-Saga Session-blog-31

After making the push late into the evening we arrived in Welches, Oregon, our home for the next week. As the sun came up the next day we made our way to Windells Camp for arrival day.

Windells-Saga Session-blog-37

The Concrete Jungle at Windells might be the best skate park in Oregon

Windells-Saga Session-blog-33

Theres also B.O.B. (Biulding Out Back). The indoor skatepark/foam pit/Trampoline zone.

Windells-Saga Session-blog-40

Windells media team welcomes us

Windells-Saga Session-blog-44

Shortly after arriving we met some OG Saga fans

Windells-Saga Session-blog-45

Tim Durtschi and McRae Williams hanging with campersWindells-Saga Session-blog-41

Steve Stepp also found out J had mailed him a pair of his new pro model J ski #happyboyWindells-Saga Session-blog-42

Birk Irving is a guest pro this week for the Saga session. Watch out for him.

Windells-Saga Session-blog-46

Team Manager Jerm with an inspiring tattoo for any camper questioning the tricks they should try this session

Windells-Saga Session-blog-54

Orientation at Windells welcomes Steve, McRae, Jonah, Birk and Tim

Windells-Saga Session-blog-34

A new addition to Windells this summer is the super tramp.

After signing off for the night we retreated to our abode in Welches ready for the first day on hill. None of us had been on snow for a couple of weeks and were hungry to start sliding around.

Windells-Saga Session-blog-20

The summer of Mt. Hood in all her glory.

Windells-Saga Session-blog-5

The kids are out in full force!

Windells-Saga Session-blog-9

McRae Williams

Windells-Saga Session-blog-11

Sometimes a little bank to rail is all you need

Windells-Saga Session-blog-7

The rail wasn’t very friendly to Tim. Thanks Sony for catching the action.

After exhausting the rail to bank the boys wanted to check out some of the many many side hit transitions Windells has this summer. 
Windells-Saga Session-blog-13

Tim Durtschi is auditioning for hand plants across america

Windells-Saga Session-blog-27

Tim and McRae shoveled out a lofty side hit at the top of the lane

Windells-Saga Session-blog-24

Tim pops a loop safety off the Saga side hit

Windells-Saga Session-blog-21

McRae took a liking to the Saga side hit real quick

Windells-Saga Session-blog-17

Tim mixes it up with a right 3 critical

Windells-Saga Session-blog-23

Towards the end of the session Birk Irving came hiking up after, what we hear, was a heated jump session. Look for shots tomorrow as we’re taking over the jump. Windells-Saga Session-blog-58

This is just day 1. The SagaFam is here in at Windells all week so look out for more to come.