The Goods

Finally! Winter is in full swing here in Utah with the most recent storm cycle dropping about 43″ of fresh in the Wasatch. Yesterday I had the chance to get out and shoot a few photos with Wiley Miller and Tim Durstchi at Alta ski area. The snow was deep!

Wiley-Alta-Photos-38Hiking the shoulder of Mt. Baldy.

Wiley-Alta-Photos-39Wild cat lift, or as we call it the Kitty.

Wiley-Alta-Photos-40Austin getting the shot with a film bag tripod setup.

Wiley-Alta-Photos-2Wiley Miller coming up for air in between turns.

Wiley-Alta-Photos-12Wiley tunneling his way down.

Wiley-Alta-Photos-26Deep snow and perfect light.

Wiley-Alta-Photos-13Wiley nose dives into the pow, why not!

Wiley-Alta-Photos-14Post nose butter and still buried.

Wiley-Alta-Photos-3Untracked pow.

Wiley-Alta-Photos-34Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree.

Wiley-Alta-Photos-33Tim Durtschi the snowman.

Wiley-Alta-Photos-4Tim tunnels through the powder.

Wiley-Alta-Photos-5Out of the white room.

Wiley-Alta-Photos-6and Breathe.

Wiley-Alta-Photos-20Alta provides the pow, check the link to see how much is up there right now.

Wiley-Alta-Photos-35Ollie power? or is it an illusion?