Summer Time W/ Tim Durtschi

My summer started with a nice road trip down the coast of California.  My friend had an extra seat in his Subaru (liscence plate TAHQE) so I jumped in and bought socks at the first ross we came across. The highlight of the trip was camping off the side of the road at midnight and waking up to a breath-taking view of the Big Sur.  The unlimited refills on the Margarita Man margarita machine at the beach house in San Diego was also pretty neat.

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After clocking a few thousand miles around the west with friends and played out play lists it was time to keep driving, this time solo, and this time north to Jackson Hole to work on my Real-ski edit.  I spent the week reviewing shots from the season with my Editor Blake Campbell and putting together my edit for X-games real ski, along with my segment with TGR’s new film Almost Ablaze.

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Next on the summer list of things to do was my annual Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation (MBSEF for short) summer camp in Bend Oregon.  This was my 3rd season at the camp probably one of the best years yet.  It was really impressive to see the progression of the skiers, many who spend the entire winter doing slopestyle and Halfpipe comps around the USA.   I got to jump into the airbag from the halfpipe wall which was a first for me.  Nice to ride some pipe for fun, I think it has been nearly 10 years since I did my last halfpipe contest!

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Bachelor runs out of snowpack at the end of June, so to get some more skiing in, I headed to Mt. Hood for session 3 of Windells Camp. Session 3 was the Saga takeover session.  Keefer, Steve, Jonah and Kutcher were already there since they were coaching, and we had young boy Dil, Jeremy Estorga, Erica Durtschi and Brandon Reis.  Ryan Lanham was a counselor all summer and was in charge of the Saga cabin, he gave me a tour and I have to say, he did a great job decorating the place.

Session 3 Skiing, 2014 from Windells on Vimeo.

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After Session 3 I went up to Lake Chelan Washington to spend some time at my families lake house.  I got some good glassy water ski days in which was probably the highlight of my summer off snow.  

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I made it back to Mt. Hood just in time for Session 6 which was fun because the Atomic Infamous crew was there shooting next years ski.

Session 6 Skiing, 2014 from Windells on Vimeo.


I got to ride with Nicky Keefer again which was a real pleasure along with LSM, and Mitchell Brower.  Mitchell has been killing it, fresh off the Superunknown win, and he was throwing down hard all session.  I also got to hangout with the Saga Korea crew.  They are excited about the 2018 winter Olympics being hosted in Pyeongchang South Korea, I hope I can make it out there for that!

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I was lucky enough to grab the cover spot of the new film from Teton Gravity Research.  Make sure to check out the Trailer for Almost Ablaze it’s going to be a good one.  I am off to South America next for 2 weeks of South American Skiing, make sure to follow me on Instagram (@timdurtschi) for updates on my travels down south!

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And lastly a couple more photos from my summer travels.

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Durtschi Summer blog 2

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p: Nick Meilleur