Summer On Snow

As each winter season comes to a close we find ourselves looking for the next best activity to fill the coming months. Fortunately, there are several places around the western states that allow us to continue sliding around on the snow with our friends. Summer ski and snowboard camps have always been a big part of Saga. Both for our team riders and our fans. We started summer 16 at Woodward Copper with McRae Williams.


Banked C Rail with McRae Williams. P: Chip Proulx (@chipproulx)


McRae Williams learned this new grab with his switch right 7s. P: Chip Proulx (@chipproulx)

The Woodward Copper facilities are incredible. The Pipeline Terrain Park features a medium sized 3 jump line, small 2 jump line and 5 to 10 rail features of all sizes. Additionally, below where the super pipe is built in the winter there is the Big Island Terrain Park with even more rails that can be ridden by campers during the week and open to the public on weekends.

After wrapping up a great week to start off our Summer On Snow we headed west to Tahoe and Boreal Mountain and Woodward Tahoe with Tim Durtschi and Chas Guldemond.


All the way up with Chas Guldemond. P: Bryce Bartlett (@brycebartlettphoto)


Jump session with Tim Durtschi. P: Andre Magarao (@andre_magarao)

The Woodward Tahoe park is located directly at the base of the mountain. After breakfast in the lodge you walk directly to the chairlift that takes you to the top of the trail half a dozen rail features, 3 jumps, a quarter-pipe and an airbag. After hot lapping all morning we come off-hill for lunch and have the option of going back up to ride more in the afternoon or check all the fun activities in the Bunker or around campus. If you start to get too hot from running around and playing there is a pond with a slip-n-slide and blob. You really can’t beat accessibility and ease of use at Woodward Tahoe.

After completing the first half of our summer camp adventures it was time to head north to our old stomping grounds, Windells Camp. Having started Saga at Windells and working there for several years this camp holds a very special place in our hearts. Windells is our favorite place to travel to in the summer. The amount of terrain you are able to ride in the summer and off-hill adventures are unmatched.

We showed up to Windells just after the 4th of July to kick off session 3 with take-over pros Steve Stepp and Jake Doan. This summer Windells made the transition to having a ski only park lane. This move allowed the staff and campers to come together and strengthen the community.

S3, 2016, AM, Reed Lewis, Ski, miller flip

Reed Lewis crushing it all summer as an all-star coach. P: Andrew Mildenberger (@andrewmildenberger)

S3, 2016, AM, Steve Step, Ski, Underflip blunt big jump

Steve Stepp with one of his patent egg corks. P: Andrew Mildenberger (@andrewmildenberger)


Head counselor Kolton Smith keeps the campers in check on and off-hill. P: Aiden Ulrich (@aidsden)


Tim Durtschi decided to tag along and learn a new trick from Steve. P: Aiden Ulrich (@aidsden)

Because we love Mt. Hood and Windells Camp so much we decided to stick around for session 4 with Tim McChesney. The weather gods blessed us with what was probably the best session all summer.


Tim McChesney stacking shots on the big jump all week. P: Aiden Ulrich (@aidsden)


Another One! P: Aiden Ulrich (@aidsden)


Kolton Smith gapping to the down before he knocked the rail over. P: Andrew Mildenberger (@andrewmildenberger)


Tim McChesney takes it around the bend and down. P: Andrew Mildenberger (@andrewmildenberger)

A big thank you goes out to all the staff members at Woodward Copper, Tahoe and Windells for having us this summer. You helped make this summer one of the best yet! Use the code SUMMERCAMP at and save an additional 15% off any pre-order for the month of August.