Spring Break 2015: Buckhill

Yesterday we loaded up the van and headed east. You wouldn’t normally think a bunch of guys from Utah would pack up and head to a little resort in Minnesota for a few days of park shredding, but that is exactly what we did. Steve Stepp, Jonah Williams, Dylan Manley, Quinn Wolferman, Shay Lee, Jacob Callaghan, Boaz La Bleu, and I sent the 18 hour drive from Salt Lake City to Buckhill, Minnesota, to meet up with Nicky Keefer.




After driving all the way through the night we arrived at our destination at 7 in the morning, just in time to watch the sun rise. A quick nap was obviously needed before heading to the hill, but we made sure to not waste too much time. This was my first ever experience with a “real” rope tow park. I say “real” because I have skied Windells and used their rope tow but the Midwest rope tow is a whole new experience.




We skied until our legs were to the point of complete exhaustion before we decided to head in for the day. It was awesome to meet all the people that came out and took some laps with us. Hopefully we will see more of you out here the next two days!