McRae Williams: OZtria

The dream of riding snow slopes year round is just that for many of us, a dream. The few that are able to make this dream a reality cherish it. McRae Williams spent a few weeks this fall in the southern hemisphere lapping the great parks of Perisher and Stubai Zoo with 4bi9 Media. McRae’s skill and consistency is out of this world. Is there a trick this man can’t do?

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Hiball Team Trip.

After missing the Hiball Team trip the past 3 years I knew I had to make it this season.  I arrived in Spokane after a 1000 mile road trip to hit up Jackson Hole and Bridger Bowl to meet up with the Hiball team and make our way to Nelson BC.  When in Nelson we hopped on the Hiball Heli and flew up to the remote Baldface Lodge for 4 days of skiing with the forecast looking near perfect.  The powder was there and we were lucky enough to hit it right on with sunny pow every day of the trip.  The weather was so good that we were able to ski the Supernatural course which is a really steep run and stability was perfect and without hesitation the guides said it was good to go!

It was hard at first to know where to go. I had seen the videos from the event before but there are just so many options when it comes to lines and some of the features were not filled in, so I had to just go for it.  Luckily I found a line that had some good hits and I was able to kind of zig zag my way down and hit as many things as I could find to make the run worth it!  I only got a few runs on it so I wanted to make the best of it and was happy with the lines I chose.

I am a huge fan of Hiball Energy, it has been great to work with them and watch them grow as a company over the past few years.  The company was founded by skier and all around awesome individual Todd Berardi who says “The concept was to provide a naturally healthy, premium, clean energy drink without sacrificing taste. Hiball is the pioneer of energy drinks for the health conscious consumer.”  If you want to learn more about the brand check out their website and see what flavors they have out now!

baldface_sagablog_durtschi24 At the top about to drop.

baldface_sagablog_durtschi22The Craig Kelly Memorial cross above the lodge.baldface_sagablog_durtschi21Dropping into one of the runs.

baldface_sagablog_durtschi20Heli pick up.

baldface_sagablog_durtschi19Pure happiness at the bottom of another one.

baldface_sagablog_durtschi18Rolling along in the cat.

baldface_sagablog_durtschi17Waking up to this every morning.

baldface_sagablog_durtschi8Onslope, its steep and there are so many options!

baldface_sagablog_durtschi9Viewpoint from the first air…. where to go from here is the question running through my mind!?

baldface_sagablog_durtschi16Exhausted from a top to bottom run on this unbelievable run!

baldface_sagablog_durtschi6Flatspin off one of the 85 features hand-built on this face.

baldface_sagablog_durtschi5Another hit, wish we could have hit them all!

baldface_sagablog_durtschi4Thanks to the cat drivers for giving our legs a rest.

baldface_sagablog_durtschi3Theme of the week… Goosedown pow.

baldface_sagablog_durtschi2Nelson in the clouds below.

baldface_sagablog_durtschi14River of dreams.

baldface_sagablog_durtschi13More pow.

baldface_sagablog_durtschi12The lodge where we hung out while not on snow, The DMOS shovel making a new home.

baldface_sagablog_durtschi11View from the lodge! Thanks to the hard working friendly staff, who also partied with us!

baldface_sagablog_durtschi10The infamous Brad Holmes operating the Drone.

saga-hiballer-blogHuge thanks to Hiball Energy for sending us cases upon cases of the best energy drink out there!

Sunrise Start.

Early season, early starts.

        Waking up early has been a theme this winter and . Sunrise is around 7 this time in November and December and being on top of the peak for it means that alarm clocks must be set well before that. I have had to change my iPhone alarm to four, three and even 2 AM.  Starting out from the parking lot in the dark means bringing a headlamp and extra layers to survive the first few hours.  

      The sun is a welcome sight after touring through the dark and cold, but being ready to ski as the sun rises is one of the best feelings I have had during winter.  There is no better way to start a short winter day then skiing as the first rays of the sun hit the landscape. Taking advantage of the daylight in the winter is key when your getting ao much less sunlight than a summer day.  Summer will be here soon enough but until then I am going to be out skiing and hope to go on a few more sunrise missions! 

     Early season is my favorite time of the year and this season has started off really well and I hope to keep the momentum going. . Check out my Instagram for more early starts and random live stories and do yourself a favor and set the alarm and go for a sunrise you won’t regret it!

saga_outerwear_blog_durtschi2Wind lip Photo: Pete Alport

saga_outerwear_blog_durtschi1Broken Top Booter.

saga_outerwear_blog_durtschi_6Heart light.

saga_outerwear_blog_durtschi_5Low light low temps.

saga_outerwear_blog_durtschi_4The new Anomie is warm for early mornings.

saga_outerwear_blog_durtschi_3Crater Lake turns.

sunrise_sagablog_1Mammoth Slash.

saga_outerwear_blog_durtschi_1Tail Flip.

saga_outerwear_blog_durtschi_2First light.

sunrise_sagablog_13Heart Shaped Lake.

sunrise_sagablog_9Evening Tour.

sunrise_sagablog_10The end of a long morning.

sunrise_sagablog_11Road to Mammoth.

sunrise_sagablog_2Backflip photo: Pete Alport

14473927_1718842715102300_427889531363000320_nHeart Turn.

saga_outerwear_blog_durtschi3Tree jib at Mt. Bachelor.