Outside The Box Winners

Over the last month we have been running the Outside The Box video contest. We received a lot of entries from people around the world wanting to showcase their unique outlook on skiing.

Lars Swensen managed to rally almost 1000 votes for his entry. With this many votes Lars wins the popular vote category.

Lars takes home a hefty prize pack from Saga including the following:



This contest wasn’t just about who is the best, who has the largest following, who impresses the most people. This contest was about showcasing unique style and creativity. Putting all that together in a 1 minute edit and impressing the SagaFam more than anyone else was Condor O’Brien.

You may say that a lot of his tricks you’ve seen before. But it was the overall impression of this edit and his constant choice to try something slightly different that lead us to choose him as the winner of the Saga Select prize pack. Congratulations Condor, you have won the following:


Congratulations to both winners and thank you all to who participated. We look forward to hosting more contests like this in the future.