Now Shipping.

Things always get a little tense and stressful this time of the year around the Saga Outerwear headquarters in SLC. Not only is everyone itching for the snow to start falling but we are also waiting for our inventory to arrive so we can begin shipping all the orders that have accumulated over the summer months. Finally, that time has come!


A couple weeks ago we began receiving some of our inventory and were able to ship some orders. It was a tease for us. We wanted it all. At the end of last week we received the bulk of the inventory and spent the entire weekend processing and packing hundreds of orders.



Our shipping department, along with the help of some local volunteers, said good bye to sleep and normal food as the spent the weekend moving box after box, fueled by energy drinks and pizza.







Take it off the truck, organize, pull the right products, ship, repeat.


Thank you all for your patience. This has been a difficult fall for us here at Saga. The delays in our pre order shipments were completely out of our hands and put us in a position we never expected to be in this year. All pre orders will be shipping this week. And hopefully now it will start snowing.