Mitchell Brower Joins the SagaFam

It took us all but about 30 seconds of watching Mitchell Brower’s 2014 Super Unknown entry to realize he was a must have addition to our team. After going on to win the Level 1 Super Unknown title we knew Mitchell would quickly become a hot commodity in the skiing free agent world.


When scouting new talent it is a dream come true to find someone like Mitchell. Not only does he have a clean unique street riding style but he has been cutting his teeth in the back country of the Wasatch and Unita Mountains of Utah for quite a few years now. Add that all together and mix in his humble personality and you have the perfect storm of a soon to be super star.



We are incredibly happy to welcome Mitchell to the team and more than excited to see what he puts together this coming season filming with the Soul Ryders crew.

To stay up to date with everything Mitchell has to offer follow him on Instagram (@mitchellbrower)