McRae Williams Joins the SagaFam

Over the summer we started having talks with McRae about joining the Saga Fam. He has proven himself over and over to be one of the most stylish guys on the comp scene. His recent invite to join the US Olympic Team, his win at Euro X-Games, and a number of other high ranked finishes show that he is a force to be reckoned with. McRae’s talents don’t end at the podium. If you watch any media coming out of Park City or West Coast Sessions then you will have noticed that he only puts out bangers no matter what edit he is in. Add in the fact that he is a Park City native and it is no wonder he is a perfect fit for our team.




In the past we have traditionally steered away from big name competition riders as we didn’t really see any of them fitting in with the Saga attitude and brand style. But after talking with McRae, hearing his goals and outlook on life/skiing we realized finding that it was time for Saga to fill this gap in our team and McRae would be the perfect man for the job.


We’re very excited for him to bring Saga to a new stage and can’t wait to see him on the podiums this year. A place where our clothing is seldom seen.


To keep up with McRae throughout the season follow him on Instagram (@mcrae_williams) and Twitter (@mcrae_williams)