Kutcher in Peru, Pt. 1 – Cusco

To start this off let me say that the farthest south I have ever traveled before this trip was to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on a cruise when I was just a young boy. So needless to say, I am not very well traveled. When my parents told me they were planning a trip to Peru to visit Machu Picchu and I was invited I was ecstatic. No amount of planning could have prepared me for the incredible trip I was about to take.


I left Salt Lake City with my girlfriend and my mom last monday on a 6 am flight to Altanta to meet my dad who had been on a business trip in Mexico. From Atlanta we flew south to Lima, and from there caught one last flight to Cusco. Cusco sits at an impressive 11,200 ft above sea level which is why many people fear altitude sickness when visiting. The suggested method to prevent feeling the elevation is to sip on coca tea, which is quickly offered upon arrival. We had one day in Cusco before we were going to begin our trek to Machu Picchu.


Even though we were sleep deprived from the 28 hours it took us to get to this point we had to get out and explore Cusco. The city is incredibly beautiful. The architecture is heavily influenced by the Spanish. We spent the afternoon wandering around and and seeing the sites. Although the city seemed to really come alive at night we needed to get to bed early so we could wake up and meet with our tour group for our four day three night adventure to the ancient Machu Picchu ruins.





Stay tuned for Part. 2 next week. Also you can see more photos by checking out @johnkutcher on Instagram.