After one of the longer travel days of my life I was dropped right into the middle of the IF3 awards party.  A few of the notable awards were TGR’s Almost Ablaze, which won Best Film of the Year.  Stept’s Ten and Two won Best Story Telling and Best Urban Movie.  4Bi9 Media, as expected, won nothing because they are a bunch of losers. It was obvious everyone had been steady drinking for hours and were not stopping anytime soon.  I am going to keep the writing short and show you the action.

airport crew
4 a.m. Heading to the airport with Karl Fostvedt, Chris Laker, and Tim McChesney
2014-09-18 16.28.47
Airplane refreshments
2014-09-18 22.31.34
When partying gets destructive


A room with a view