IF3 Update 2

Well here I am, back at good ole Dallas Fort-Worth airport.  When booking my flights I overlooked the fact that I was signing up to spend a great 6 hours here.  The good thing is that I have some time to start editing a video re-cap of our IF3 experience and guessing from what I have already thrown together I think it will be enjoyable.

The second day I spent the majority of the day cruising around Montreal on bikes with a massive crew.  Tim McChesney, Andrew Napier, Karl Fostvedt, Chris Laker, Ben Moxham, Dale Talkington, Tom Arnell, and Jasper Newton were all present for the shenanigans.  We got pretty tricky on the bikes, which you will see in the edit.  We biked along the waterfront and through old Montreal.  It truly is a beautiful city, rich with history.

Here are a few photos to hold you over until I finish the edit.

Biker Gang assembles
Stair riding is a favorite of the crew
Ian Compton – Dressed to impress
New Saga Fam member Jake Doan getting opulent
Nearly a full house at the Cinema Imperial