IF3 Trip Report – Tim McChesney

     IF3 Montreal is an event that I will not be missing as long as it runs. I have heard many

stories from here and finally decided to attend this year, it lived up to all my expectations

and was a blast from start to finish. This year we had a big crew from Salt Lake traveling

out there and conveniently we all had to be at the airport at 5am on Thursday morning. It was

Tom Arnell, Dale Talkington, Chris Laker, Karl Fostvedt, Mcrae Williams and myself all very

excited about the adventures that lie ahead.

Travel pic
John Kutcher, Tim McChesney, Chris Laker, and Karl Fostvedt on the way to the airport

     We arrived around 7pm and took a shuttle to our hotel for the weekend. We were split

between the luxurious Hyatt and the not so luxurious Travelodge. Both worked great since

no one planned on spending much time in their room anyways. After dropping our bags

off we made way to the first night of the festival. Showing up a little late we were met by

our fellow Salt Lakers’ Tom and Dale who had arrived early and had already beginning

drowning themselves in cocktails and beers. IF3 is famous for the parties almost more than

the movies and the first night was a wild one to start off the weekend.

Party Pic
The party after the awards starting to kick off.

     After a long night we were all slow to get out of bed. We hit up the continental

breakfast and then it was time to grab the bixi bikes and explore the city. We rallied up a big crew and

took off to find anything to jump off or ride down. The bike rental system in Montreal is pretty

awesome and the best way to get around and have some fun while seeing the sites.

Bike Pic
Bixie Bike Gang

     We ended our ride with a classic Canadain poutine dinner and began getting ready for

some movies. The theater here is packed with stoked kids getting very excited to see their

favorite skiers segments. Nothing gets you hyped for winter like sitting through 3 hours of

your favorite ski flicks. After the movies it was onto the Rocker Party. The one rule here is

don’t wear a shirt you care about because it will get ripped in half.

Theater Pic
Packed house at the Imperial.

     By this time in the weekend everyone is struggling quite a bit and very sleep

deprived. There is no telling who will end up in which hotel room or how many people will

decide to pack into a bed on any given night. Saturday was a big day for movies and we were

up for the world premiere of the new 4bi9 Media Film BURN. A day spent sitting ina comfy

theater was very much needed and we all enjoyed several hours of movies. Like every other

night at IF3 come 10pm there is a party to attend. We all made the brilliant choice to book our

flight at 6am on Sunday so our only choice was to pull an all nighter and catch a 4am taxi to the

airport. Somehow we pulled this off and all made our flights. Thanks to everyone who put this

event on and we will see you next year!


Tim_Tom Airplane photo
Made it on our flight home!