Frej Jonsson Joins the SagaFam

Thus far all the new additions to the SagaFam have been US based riders. Well we don’t want our International fans to think we’re forgetting about them. When someone like Frej comes knocking on your door you answer it. Rising in popularity a couple years ago as being the first to land a double cork 7 in competition Frej has since proved he is far more than a 1 trick pony.


From game changing performances in competition to heavy video segments with TFJ Productions Frej is without a doubt one of the strongest additions to our program this year. Anyone who comes with the endorsement of Nicky Keefer and Tim McChesney is guaranteed to impress.

TFJprod.´s PASTICHE Trailer (2014) from TFJprod. on Vimeo.

Welcome aboard Frej, we can’t wait to see what new ground breaking moves you have in store for us. For more Frej follow him on Instagram @frejjonsson and on Tumblr

We have one more new SagaFam member coming next week. This one will be a shocker.