DMOS Collective Kickstarter


         This summer during my trip to Argentina I linked up with DMOS Collective to test out a product called the Kicker Tool.  DMOS has been working on prototypes for the last few months and Argentina was a good chance to make sure the latest model was ready for Kickstarter.  I had so much fun working with the shovel, it is usually a struggle to put the finishing touches on a jump you have spent hours working on, that is where the long handle and rake feature are a game changer. As far a durability, hacking at icy and firm snow didn’t phase the shovel at all.  The length of the shovel made prying out large chunks of snow easier as well.   The shovel fits on my backpack strapped outside and could also fit inside a pack that was a little larger. I personally cannot wait to put this thing to use next season, I wish I had this shovel years ago, I have broken so many big bulky grain shovels over the years. These are just a few of my thoughts, check out the Kickstarter to learn more!

Durtschi DMOS 2


Durtschi DMOS 3

Durable Materials, Built-to-Last Design. 

At nearly twice the thickness of an avalanche shovel, this shovel won’t give you grief.

Shovel Head: 2.5 mm aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy (this sucker won’t bend an inch)

Telescoping Tubular Shaft: 1.6 mm aircraft quality 6061 aluminum alloy

Stress tested in laboratory and the field conditions in temps ranging from -40 to 110 degrees F

Durtschi DMOSHere are some friends who are backing the Shovel: Travis Rice, Zeppelin ZeeripBlaine Gallivan, and Andrew Burns John Kutcher