We Are the Coterie: East Coast

Hot off a trip to Japan the boys at We Are the Coterie (WATC) were eager to get back after it. After a quick week of near summer skiing conditions in Park City, Nicky Keefer, Jacob Callaghan, Boaz La Bleu, and myself packed up and headed east to chase down some of the snow that is plaguing the eastern seaboard.


We flew out of Salt Lake and, after a few stops, ended up in Pittsburg PA where we linked up with Mark Kogelmann of SoulRyders Productions to pick up the team van for the trip. We had a quick bite to eat at a little local spot then hit the road. We drove for about 5 hours until we decided it was the safe decision to stop. Even though we were all super tired from a long day of traveling the hype of being on a trip took over and we ended up driving around some random town in Pennsylvania looking for spots at 2 in the morning. With little success we decided to call it a night and hit the hay.



The next day we started our drive towards Boston. The enormous amounts of snowfall there have enticed many crews to make the trek. On our way we stopped in Connecticut to meet up with Lupe Hagearty. After talking with Lupe he had convinced us to stay in Connecticut for a few days so he can show us around to all his spots.








This is where we are now. Remember to check back for more updates!