Bakers Dozen

Our trip to Mt. Baker is not an annual one. No, the last trip we took to this Northwestern nook was in December 2012. The inspiration to make the previous trip in 2012 and the 14 hour drive from SLC to Bellingham, WA was a NOAA forecast that was calling for feet upon feet of snow with no end in sight. That last trip stuck in our minds, and was one we talked about doing again in the future. This season we checked out the forecasts and saw that Baker was going to get enough snow for a pre-thanksgiving opening (which has not been the case in recent years) and on-top of that it looked like another storm was moving in. With the Saga truck loaded and after a full day of dealing with maintenance issues ( including a razor blade in the tire) we left SLC with a 6pm departure, not the most realistic time to be departing on a 14 hour drive. With some fog in eastern Oregon the trip tunred into 20+ hours, but I lost count or track of the time by then and spent most of the time asleep in the back while our TM Jerm was behind the wheel for the entire drive.

Once we arrived at Mt. Baker we enjoyed what was one of the only bluebird days I have ever experienced at the resort. We were able to tour out Blueberry road and enjoy views of Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Baker. We spent time exploring the resort as the clouds moved in over the first 2 days and lets just say our hopes for the storm moving in grew and grew as we took laps at the local ski area.

Unfortunately the storm was downgraded and our dreams about road laps and gaps were put on hold for this trip. Keefer being born and raised in Utah had never skied in Washington and was the most excited of the our group to experience what we call the PNW. We watched videos of Baker on a pow day to convince him that the subpar conditions at the moment are not the norm. Overall the trip was fun and you can’t beat being in such a beautiful location surrounded by the glacial peaks of Shuksan and Baker. To boost our spirits after departing for the long haul home we made a stop at Pikes Peak Market to pick up some fresh salmon and Piroshkys! I am positive that the allure of Mt. Baker will remain with our crew and next fall we will be checking the weather forecasts with hopes of another road trip!

Photos by @angryjordan
Words by @timdurtschi

 When the road trip is so long google maps just says “really really far”.


2015_11_23_BAKER-24One of the best feelings of any road trip, pulling into the parking lot and gearing up for the day.

2015_11_23_BAKER-26 Have to love a continental breakfast when they offer up canned pineapple juices.

baker trip-seattleFirst glimpse of the usually shrouded in clouds Mt. Shuksan.

baker trip-seattle-2Skins on and ready, the 4Frnt Saga X YLE.

baker trip-seattle-5Cut to fit, Keefer the precision master when it comes to self-powered backcountry travel.

baker trip-seattle-8Jerm choosing the Snowshoe option for snowscape locomotion.

baker trip-seattle-6Mt. Baker Sidecountry, there is a lot of terrain out here, Keefer gets his first glimpse.

baker trip-seattle-9 Mt. Shuksan with afternoon light.

2015_11_23_BAKER-37 Weather moving in?

2015_11_23_BAKER-41The lifts at Mt. Baker Ski Area provide multiple opportunities to adventure beyond the ski area boundaries

2015_11_23_BAKER-32Going up

2015_11_23_BAKER-31Old growth forests abound

2015_11_23_BAKER-43Keefer setting up an nice in-bounds feature, just giving it a little TLC

2015_11_23_BAKER-45Putting the log feature to the test

DCIM109GOPROG0792370.GTS I spy Jordan in the trees, his pants are a dead giveaway

2015_11_23_BAKER-48You know you’re at a fun resort when you can lap features like this in bounds

2015_11_23_BAKER-51Baker locals are the best!

DCIM108GOPROG0721563.Selfie was the 2013 Oxford Dictionary word of the year

2015_11_23_BAKER-27 Chair 7

2015_11_23_BAKER-28Shuksan On fleek

2015_11_23_BAKER-54Blueberry road saw some traffic, the locals were ecstatic about the early opening after a dismal 2014-2015 season

2015_11_23_BAKER-49Storm coming?

2015_11_23_BAKER-56Mt. Baker get some sun rays, for a majority of the season Mt. Baker is cloaked in seemingly perpetual clouds

2015_11_23_BAKER-57So close yet so far, Jordan thought we could take a quick tour to the base and touch the glacial ice… it is not that close!

2015_11_23_BAKER-61Keefer with the Monarch bib pant happy as a clam

2015_11_23_BAKER-62Never not good enough conditions for a backflip jump

2015_11_23_BAKER-66Blunt flip for the fam

2015_11_23_BAKER-67Happy Happy Durtschi

2015_11_23_BAKER-53Another Angle of Shuksan, a mountain with a lot of mass to it

DCIM109GOPROG0802733.Potholes? What potholes?

baker trip-seattle-10We out here

baker trip-seattle-17Nooksack Falls

baker trip-seattle-18Rugged landscape, this type of terrain is the norm along highway 542

baker trip-seattle-16The Falls

DCIM109GOPROG0812796.Yeah we are close to the edge

baker trip-seattle-21No hand-holding on this nature walk

log ride-3Into the woods to jump off some more logs

log rideThe fallen forest fauna fosters a playground for skiers and snowboarders

baker trip-seattle-22

On our way back to Salt Lake City we ate lunch at a Seattle landmark, Dick’s

baker trip-seattle-24


baker trip-seattle-30

On our way back we stopped by Pike’s Place Market get some fresh Salmon!

baker trip-seattle-35

Keefer cruising the market in his Quilted JacketFleece Joggers and Tek-Snapback

baker trip-seattle-37

baker trip-seattle-38

baker trip-seattle-39

baker trip-seattle-33

Next stop, the gum wall. It was recently cleared off so we had the chance to be on the first layer of the new wall!

baker trip-seattle-47

Time to get to work on the new gum wall…

baker trip-seattle-44

baker trip-seattle-41

Jerm leaving his mark

baker trip-seattle-42

Keefer calculating just the right spot to place his gum

baker trip-seattle-45

My turn

baker trip-seattle-46

baker trip-seattle-49

Can’t wait to come back to Baker!